Teaching different types of Yoga:

Vinyasa flow

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic and fluid style of yoga that seamlessly links breath with movement. In these classes, students engage in a series of poses, synchronized with inhalations and exhalations, creating a rhythmic and meditative practice. Vinyasa Flow helps improve cardiovascular health, enhances flexibility, and cultivates mindfulness. As a practitioner and instructor, I emphasize the importance of connecting each breath to movement, guiding students through sequences that encourage both physical and mental harmony.

Swing yoga

Swing Yoga, also known as Yoga Trapeze, is an innovative and playful approach to traditional yoga practice. Incorporating the use of suspended fabric swings, this style allows practitioners to explore a wide range of poses, stretches, and inversions. Swing Yoga provides a unique experience that enhances flexibility, decompresses the spine, and builds core strength. Through guided sessions, students can master graceful aerial movements while enjoying the benefits of deep relaxation and increased body awareness.

Sivananda yoga

Sivananda Yoga is a traditional and holistic style that incorporates five key principles: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, and positive thinking and meditation. This well-rounded approach aims to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance. In Sivananda Yoga classes, I guide students through a structured sequence of poses, emphasizing the importance of relaxation and meditation. By integrating these elements, practitioners can experience a profound sense of inner peace and well-being.

Ashtanga yoga

Rooted in ancient yoga traditions, Ashtanga Yoga follows a specific sequence of postures combined with synchronized breath. This vigorous practice focuses on building strength, endurance, and internal heat. As an Ashtanga instructor, I guide students through the Primary Series, fostering discipline and self-awareness. The structured nature of Ashtanga Yoga allows practitioners to track their progress and experience a deeper connection between body and mind.

Kids yoga

Introducing yoga to children at a young age is a wonderful way to instill a sense of mindfulness and self-expression. Kids Yoga classes are designed to be interactive, playful, and engaging, using creative activities and stories to teach yoga poses and breathing techniques. Through these sessions, children develop physical coordination, emotional resilience, and a positive outlook. As a kids' yoga instructor, I am dedicated to nurturing a fun and supportive environment where young yogis can explore movement, imagination, and self-confidence.

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